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Pinterest Organized ‘What’s Your Pinterest Story?’ Survey

  Pinterest organizes an online survey, where you can share your inspirational Pinterest Story with Pinterest survey team over the coming weeks. Pinterest Tem will consider stories and will choose best inspirational story and share with all Pinterest users. If you’ve used Pinterest as an important tool in your life, then it’s for you. Click and share your story ...Full Article

Facebook Launched Location Based Feature ‘Nearby Friends’

Facebook launched a new optional feature called ‘Nearby Friends’. It helps users to share their present location with friends to meet up and spend more time instead of online. ...Full Article

Chrome Remote Desktop Launched for Android

Google launched a Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices to provide better pocket remote access of your computer and laptop from anywhere. Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to ...Full Article

Tips to Choose a Best Niche to Start a Blog

Blog was personal diary about ten years ago, but it have been transformed in to pro-blogging spot, news blog and online customer help center, where every professional blogger writes ...Full Article

How to Adopt Internet as Career

Today 39% population of world uses internet and this percentage increases day by day with new innovative technology. So internet has become broad career option. Internet gives freedom to work ...Full Article

How to be Stay Secure Online

Today internet has become main part of our daily life. So internet security issues increase day by day along with number of users. We use internet to connect with ...Full Article

How To Get A Correct And Powerful Business Name

This is first post of mashcape. I hope you will enjoy and give support during this journey. So start… We use many brand or company’s product in our daily ...Full Article